Diva Intimate Roller Blind

Diva Intimate Roller Blind

Brand: Diva
Product Code: RBCOMRP2266
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Diva Intimate Blackout Roller Blind - deep cream abstract flame print pvc blackout fabric complete roller blind made to measure including all fixtures and fittings

We only offer straight edge rather than scallop purely because the nature of 'blackout' is to reduce as much light as possible and this is only possible when a straight bottom edge is included as scallops/cafe rods/eyelets allow light transmision and therefore defeat the object. However we do have straight edge options in the form of classy aluminium bottom bars and end caps or just plain fabric covered bottom bar, no surcharge..

On the subject of blackout it is important to note that the width of blackout fabric will be 35mm less than the overall blind width due to the bracket and hardware allowance, this of course means a chink of light will apppear at the left and right of the blind - blackout roller blinds are around 90% to 95% efficient at darkening a room. Curtains will greatly help to increase the blackout efficiency as does the fact that we secure the blackout fabric with a 'sewless' weighted bottom lathe which offers an extremely neat fabric covered edge rather than an unsightly perforated line edge.

Diva Intimate Roller Blind Control Options:

Spring Control - Rather than sidewind control this allows a chain and therefore loop free alternative. A cord and toggle is centred on the roller blind lathe and height adjustment is made by pulling and releasing the toggle. Perfect solution with respect to Child Safety and eliminates the need for cord cleats.

Sidewind Chain Control - Available in white and brown the sidewind chain allows complete height adjustment control. Due to Child Safety legislation all control chains have to incorporate breakaway connectors that are designed to prevent chain looping, breaking away the chain end whenever a certain amount of pressure is applied. With this option we supply a cord cleat and this should also be fitted providing extra safety.

Diva Intimate Roller Technical Specs -

• Made to measure Diva Intimate PVC Blackout Roller Blind
• Flame Retardant
• Waterproof
• 75% PVC, 25% Fibreglass fabric
• Great for wet conditions, highly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms
• Easy to fit universal brackets for top, side and face fitting
• Screws and rawlplugs for wood, pvc or masonry fixing
• Maximum width 1800mm, maximum drop 1800mm
• Minimum width 300mm, minimum drop 300mm

• Strong rust free aluminium heavy duty 32mm diameter roller tube
• Child safe additions where applicable as required by legislation
• Please note that the actual width of the fabric will be approximately 35mm less than the overall blind width ordered, this is to allow for the brackets and operating mechanism

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