Mis-measurement Insurance


For a small additional amount on your original purchase price you can provide peace of mind cover for that occasional mistake.

What is Covered?

Mistakes made by the Customer on individual units when measuring for your new blinds. This covers inside and outside recess fitted, width and height mistakes.

  1. What is not covered?
    Colour mistakes or wrong product ordered - because we offer free samples pre purchase we do not cover situations where reliance is placed on monitor/displays for shade and fabric choice.
  2. Can I change the color of the shade, whilst you are correcting a mistake?
    Absolutely NOT - all insurance claims must be for replacement/amendment of identical products and colors. Mis-measurements only.
  3. Can I get a different style or operation option on the new blind?
    Again No - All insurance claims must have the same options applied as the original order choices made. Mis-measurements only.
  4. How does this work?
    We will arrange pick up of the problem blind and only when received back at our factory will we either reduce the size or make a new unit as per the correction required.
  5. How long is the insurance operative for?
    28 days after you take delivery of your purchase.
  6. Are there any restrictions?
    Insurance must be purchased at the same time as your initial blinds(s) order. Insurance is restricted only to the individual blind(s) for which the insurance was purchased. It is required you must ensure that the problem blind(s) are appropriately packed and available for pick up during the arranged day otherwise a second and subsequent collection charge will need to be paid for by you until our Courier has been able to collect. All insurance claims are reviewed at our discretion. Premium is 20% surcharge to the original unit price and is not refundable and cannot be purchased retrospectively.