Terms & Conditions

All blinds are made to measure products and therefore we cannot accept any responsibility for Customer mismeasurments. Each blind has it's own video or written measuring instructions which are provided as a guide of how to go about taking and documenting the sizes that we will require WE WILL MAKE TECHNICAL DEDUCTIONS AND ALLOWANCES BASED ON THESE SIZES. In such instances where Customers are not sure of how to register measurement and units then it would be wise to obtain a second validation as we can only take the measurements given to us at the time of order.

In the event of mistakes being made during production we reserve the right to put right any problems and in doing so the correction will be made at the original measurements advised we will not accept alternative measurements whilst the correction is being made. We do not offer refunds where Customer mismeasurements have occurred under any circumstances but that is not to say we will offer our assistance wherever it is possible to do so.

It is not possible for a Customer to place an order based on screen depictions of fabric quality, colour and density and so we will not accept returns based on the fact of presumption that a fabric was going to be different to its physical state. This is the reason why fabric samples are readily made available totally free of charge, please take advantage of this offer to avoid disappointment.